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Childcare Nutrition: Dietary Requirements

Good nutrition in early childhood is an important part of helping to ensure that children will achieve healthy lifestyles. There's no need to worry about this here at Daisies Day Nursery as we have it all under control. With everything cooked from fresh we can guarantee there's no added salt or sugar. Our menus are specifically formulated so you don't have to stress about your child's '5 a day'. Special dietary needs? No problem. Just let us have full details and we can devise a programme specifically for you and your child!

Healthy Eating Habits

The mealtime atmosphere and the attitude and behaviour of childcare workers is important to the development of healthy eating practices. Children should be relaxed and happy when they are eating. Meals are often shared with carers and other children. Childcare workers should develop and encourage healthy eating patterns and positive attitudes to food and also supervise children’s eating. Children learn from others about food preferences and how to eat. Safety at mealtimes is important. 

Outstanding Day Nursery Food


Freshly Prepared, Home-Cooked Meals

Meals are planned on a six-week menu basis and each week the menu is available for parents to view on the notice board. Our aim is to provide five portions of fruit and veg each day and this is achieved by careful planning incorporating the five by offering a selection of healthy snacks in addition to the main meal and afternoon tea. Water and milk are offered at mealtimes and chilled filtered water is available to the children throughout the day.


Family-Run Business

Established in 2007, Daisies Day Nursery is a family-run day nursery. We are also proud to announce that we received an outstanding grading from OFSTED.